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A new shape, and a commission for Russia…

I am finally getting out of the disk rut I have been stuck in for a while, by practicing my stringer work on some curved surfaced beads. I’m enjoying building up the layers of colour on them, but they are pretty big, so take a while to do. In other news, I have some silver cored rings in the kiln, haven’t done any of them for ages! I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Also in the kiln is a massive 5mm holed bead collection for a lovely lady in Moscow. It was a pretty big order (60 beads!!) so it will take a few days to complete. Hopefully I can get a nice photo of them before they head to Russia!

I will leave you with some more images of decorated lentils…
You will be linked to my etsy shop if you click on the pictures.

Oh, and I’m going to the DJCAD Degree show today! I can’t believe its been a year since it was our show!! I will be back to report later!

Have a good one,



On the other side of the studio…

I thought I would share with you the work of my studio mate, Jessica Howarth. Jess and I met at art college and have been sharing a studio at Arts Complex in Meadowbank since September. We both work with kilns, and both glass to an extent, only Jess works with enamel (very finely ground glass), and metal. She gradually builds up layers of coloured enamel onto copper or silver, patiently fusing layer after layer onto the base in a kiln. The ‘houses’ in the pictures are her degree show work, 3D Structures of enamelled copper, with various pieces of wearable jewellery hidden within.

Here are some more images, enjoy!

You can follow Jess on Facebook , Twitter , she has a lovely blog too, and a tumblr page


Breakfast in Delft

Remember this beautiful picture I found last week?


It inspired me to make these! I’m really happy with them.

Breakfast in Delft, Etsy Set

Breakfast in Delft (Soon to be necklace)

The top set are available in my etsy shop: etsy

And the bottom set will be strung into a necklace!

Thanks for looking, have a lovely day!


Colour Therapy

I have been Pintresting (?) again…




Source: google.com via Helen on Pinterest


Source: google.co.za via Helen on Pinterest


Wishing you a happy Thursday.


Saturday’s Beads…

Just a quick post to show some beads I made at the weekend. They are all available in my online shop…

Lampwork Bead Set £14

Lampwork Bead Set £22

Lampwork Bead Set £22

If you would like to see more about them, you can click on the picture!
Have a lovely Tuesday, I need to get a wiggle on making some more jewellery for the next new stockist up my sleeve!


Where I Fell for Glass…

I have been on Pinterest again, this time digging up pictures which remind me of a 2009 trip to Venice, and more importantly the island of Murano.
Maybe you can see why I became addicted to all things glassy.




Source: google.ca via Graciela on Pinterest


Source: ratestogo.com via Sam on Pinterest




Sneak Preview

If you are coming along to the Valentine’s Exhibition, here are a few photos of work which is about to be finished and ready for display. I hope you enjoy a little sneak preview!

Hope to see you on Friday!