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Saturday’s Lesson

I had so much fun teaching the lovely Emma from The Candy Tree on Saturday.
She had never worked with hot glass before and did a wonderful job! Here are some pictures of the beads she made (and a couple of buttons on top of that for fun). All of these were mastered in just four hours at the torch, she’s definitely a natural!

Emma's Beads & Buttons

Emma's Beads

If you are around Edinburgh and interested in learning some lampwork, I offer 4 hour or 8 hour lessons. Feel free to e-mail me for more information.



It’s open!

I just reopened my Etsy shop, after a long fringe related break! It still has stock you will probably have seen before, but I will be making glass all weekend (yay!), so expect to see it updated with new loveliness next week. You can visit it here: Etsy

In the meantime here are some lovely pictures I’m feeling will inspire me this weekend:


Source: flickr.com via Helen on Pinterest




Lets see what I come up with…

Have a lovely weekend!


Studio Shots…

Festival making is well and truly underway…





On the other side of the studio…

I thought I would share with you the work of my studio mate, Jessica Howarth. Jess and I met at art college and have been sharing a studio at Arts Complex in Meadowbank since September. We both work with kilns, and both glass to an extent, only Jess works with enamel (very finely ground glass), and metal. She gradually builds up layers of coloured enamel onto copper or silver, patiently fusing layer after layer onto the base in a kiln. The ‘houses’ in the pictures are her degree show work, 3D Structures of enamelled copper, with various pieces of wearable jewellery hidden within.

Here are some more images, enjoy!

You can follow Jess on Facebook , Twitter , she has a lovely blog too, and a tumblr page