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Parasols and Lanterns

An old uni sketch that came in handy this week.

There is a post I wrote about these sketches over two years ago somewhere in this blog. They were inspired by Japanese culture and imagery, particularly haikus and haigas. They aren’t the best quality, sorry.

Another Japanese sketch, Lanterns.

Haiga and Umbrellas.

Anyway, they came very much in handy this week! I got a lovely new graphite shaper to play with, if anything to get me out of my disc rut. Its shape reminded me of parasols, so out came the old sketchbooks, and here’s what I came up with in glass. It’s nice to be able to have sufficient control over stringer (thin pieces of glass to ‘draw’ on beads with in the flame) to be able to represent my illustrations. My stringer work is still at a pretty simple level at the moment, but something I will be working hard on to refine.

Colourful Parasols

Purple Palette Lanterns

Autumn Palette Parasols

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Japanese Hashi

Japanese Hasi

Some complex stringer work and gold eye-candy to start the weekend!


Revisiting Japanese Inspiration

I am planning a day of tea and sketchbooking tomorrow, a lovely day off!

A while ago…maybe 2 years…I did a project at college inspired by Japanese Haiku and Haiga. I think this is something I am definitely going to revisit tomorrow. I have been on Pinterest ‘pinning’ some potential sketchbook worthy images. What do you think?



Have a good weekend!