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Street Art, just for fun…

I love these images!


Source: 9gag.com via Helen on Pinterest








New in Old


Source: google.com via Helen on Pinterest


Source: flickr.com via Helen on Pinterest



Revisiting Japanese Inspiration

I am planning a day of tea and sketchbooking tomorrow, a lovely day off!

A while ago…maybe 2 years…I did a project at college inspired by Japanese Haiku and Haiga. I think this is something I am definitely going to revisit tomorrow. I have been on Pinterest ‘pinning’ some potential sketchbook worthy images. What do you think?



Have a good weekend!



I finally signed up to Pinterest, after dithering over it for ages. I think I really like it! Lots of inspiration was provided for my work in the studio today (and hopefully I will have something special to show for it tomorrow). Here are some of my favourite ‘pins’ so far…



Source: lylaandblu.com via Helen on Pinterest