All Change and Orphans

Orphaned Blues

Well lovely followers, it seems like an age since I have posted a blog, since getting my brand spanking new website up and running. I think I have landed on a way to tie them together, so this is good news!

All change in the title refers to a frantic but happy and much needed studio move away from Arts Complex, into the creative hub that is Au Lab at Summerhall (for you Edinburghers, the old Dick Vet School on the corner of The Meadows). Thankfully my two lovely studio pals Jess and Jen have moved too, so we are still together. More than that though, we are also next door to and working closely with Art Clay Scotland, and those of you who have followed me from the early days will remember Emma and Gil who run the business. I’m so happy to be back working with them, and I keep bumping into familiar faces which is lovely! I’ll have some pictures of our new workspace to show you next week.

Orphaned Pinks

In the meantime, I discovered a stash of ‘orphans’ in the move, some big holed beads perfect for using on chain, leather, cord, and a good fit for Pandora bracelets, and other similar brands. They are split into sets of ten available to purchase here on Etsy: Orphans

There are a few wee pics of them throughout this post, just click an image to learn more about them:

Autumnal Orphans


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