Bead Sale!

Hi everyone!
I’m back from a lovely trip to Sweden, and a lot of thinking, and I have decided to stop making beads to sell as they are for a while and concentrate on jewellery in the run up to Christmas. I think I will start to make beads to sell again, probably in January, so the ones in my etsy shop at the moment are the last ones I will have available for a while! They will be available til Sunday at midday. Even better though, there will be a sale on the remaining ones, starting this evening at 8pm GMT. 30% off all the beads in my shop, already calculated so no need to faff about with coupons. Everything will be posted out on Monday.
This link will take you right to it:

I hope you enjoy it, and I will be back with some new jewellery news next week!



3 responses to “Bead Sale!

  1. Disaster Helen! I am totally skint – gutted I may completely miss your sale! Fingers crossed there may be some left in there by November – but I highly doubt it!

  2. Don’t worry my love, if you want to reserve any at the same price for November, just let me know and I’ll keep them for you! 🙂 Hope you’re well! xxx

  3. Hi Helen, is this Bead sale still on I could possibly get some for my partner
    Might be a bit too late though, lol

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