So, I’m back, again!

I know, I keep neglecting my wee blog, but I have been so busy with work, jewellery, glass, up to my eyes in it!
The exciting news is since last time I caught up with everyone, I now have a collection of jewellery in the gorgeous gift boutique Pippin. Pippin is in Haymarket, near the station and busy commuter area of Edinburgh, and eventually (maybe in about 10 years..) the trams! Its packed with gorgeous jewellery, candles, scarves, baby clothes, and really everything you could possibly wish for when you have someone to buy for! Pop over and have a wee look at the website

Here are a couple of pieces I designed for Pippin:

Currently I am working on another collection, for another lovely gallery, all will be revealed shortly.

I hope everyone is well, sorry for my month long absence!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend



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