Its been a very busy week! I’m back working at the same restaurant I was at last summer (just for the festival hopefully! ) and getting ready to move back down to Edinburgh permanently (yay!!) on Monday.
Hopefully I will be moved into the new studio before long, but until then there is a lovely exhibition in the pipeline to keep me busy!
Anyone would have to be living in a hole not to know the month of August is when the world descends on Edinburgh to revel in the Fringe Festival. This year, I am very excited to be involved in the Octagon Exhibition, taking place in lovely Duddingston.

Some details:

Octagon: An exhibition showcasing a collection of work from recent Scottish art and design graduates. Come along to see an exciting range of work produced by artists, illustrators, jewellers and textile designers. Make a day of joining us at the exhibition set in the beautiful surroundings of Dr Neils Garden and Duddingston Village which is home to Scotland’s oldest pub, the Sheep Heid Inn, round the corner from our exhibition.

What will I be exhibiting? You will just have to pop along to see!



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