Contemporary Glass Society (and golf)

Its a beautiful day here in Scotland, I hope it is lovely where you are too. I’m sitting outside enjoying the late afternoon sun after a day out to the British Ladies Open Golf Championships, which is just a few miles from my home. It’s been really nice to come up and visit, and I think we will go back to the golf tomorrow, its been so relaxing walking round and seeing whats going on.
I got my membership number to the Contemporary Glass society through the door this morning before we headed North, which is exciting. I need to get my page set up on there soon. CGS has a fantastic website, its basically a directory of the glass artists in the UK at the moment, of all different disciplines. They also have a monthly gallery of work from selected artists, and this month I am lucky enough to be one of thirteen artists featured in the gallery, a selection of glasswork that was at this years New Designers. You can view it here
It features this ring, glass lampworked around fine silver, ‘Graffiti Ring’.

I hope you like it!



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