More Bricks for the Wall…

The wall is gradually getting bigger. I have come to see it as an expression of myself as well as neglected aesthetics. This probably has something to do with how much time I am spending on it(!), but to be honest, there are similarities. In life, we add knowledge to build upon what already exists of us. In terms of appearance, things age, change, weather, get done up nicely sometimes, grow and fade. Same in terms of thought and mentality I suppose. Is it bizarre to see similarities between yourself and a wall? Hm, dont answer that. I think its my way of saying, no matter what happens to us, whether things are added and subtracted, the structure is still there in some form or another.
Visually, here is how the wall is progressing (I think the poppy bit is nearly, if not already, finished):

I’ll show you how the other parts are coming together once they have been kilned!



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