So, back to uni with a bang! Final semester = huge amounts of work, but my ideas are coming together slowly but surely, and I’m looking forward to the degree show (I think…!).
What I have been worrying about is how to combine my two strengths; lampworking glass and illustrative sketchbooks. So far, I have come up with these:

Urban Poppies, part 1

Urban Poppies on Background

The view is to make the small glass beads into a bigger sculptural piece, probably using steel, iron and silver. I’m just happy that I’m finally managing to bring the glass and illustration elements together for a start.
The beads are inspired by my graveyard sketches, the poppies symbolise remembrance. I love the shape of them, it makes me think of little bricks. So now I need to go and look at some urban landscapes and their process of decay and reflect that for the next bricks in my wall. I have also been adding various metal wires to some beads today, I’ll let you know how that turned out too.



One response to “Construction

  1. Love them Helen, so glad you are incorporating your beautiful sketchbook work into your very talented lampworking!

    Good luck with the weeks to come. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

    Kate 🙂

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