A happy story for a Sunday evening.

I read this today in the final part of my dissertation reading. An essay by a Finnish lady called Liesbeth den Besten caught my eye, and I loved reading the whole thing.
She tells of a jewellery designer, Robert Smit. He made a ring for a lady, the wife of an acquaintance of his. He spent a long time on the ring, and when the lady received it, she was very happy. She wore it every day for ten years. In the tenth year she went to a concert. She was very moved by the music, and after the concert she met Duke Ellington. She was so overwhelmed that on impulse she gave him the ring. Smit was disappointed. He couldn’t believe that all the hours he had spent making the ring for the lady were wasted by her just handing it to Duke Ellington. Seven years later though, Duke Ellington died. A picture of him lying in his coffin was printed in the newspaper, and to Smit’s utter amazement, he was wearing the ring.
The ring had three owners, each of whom cared equally, but in different ways about it. As a jewellery designer (in training, I should say…), this story made me love what I do even more. I hope it made you smile.



One response to “A happy story for a Sunday evening.

  1. What a great story, with a great meaning!!

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