Some Inspiration

This is just a quick one, I’m having a really busy couple of weeks!
With regards to my ideas about history being left alone and untouched, I had a think to see what untouched history we have in Dundee. I came up with the remains of the Tay Bridge Disaster (a bit gloomy, but its there!)

Here is a photo taken straight after the disaster:

And here is the bridge today:

The stumps are still left from 1879. And I love the way they have been left there, to decay and texture with the tide. I feel a sketching session coming on, I just need to find the time to do it!



One response to “Some Inspiration

  1. I agree, the history of our towns & cities should be left alone, even to the extent of all the old buildings that we see being demolished and blocks of flats going up in their place.

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