Why Graveyards?

It all started in Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh. I was so taken with the rich history there. I’m fascinated by history and people, and in Greyfriars it all seems so real and untouched, unchanged by recent times. The rest of Edinburgh is constantly changing, building up, modernising, but this little pocket of the city is just left to itself. It was that closeness to history that took me aback. I have not found that anywhere else I have looked, and I think that connection with history just beneath our feet is a very special thing.
I dont wear all black, or hang around in graveyards at night, and this Hallowe’en I will be not be performing sacrificial rituals.
Specifically its that one graveyard, and that close encounter with history that makes me want to explore it and express it. Its hard to explain, but experiences like that sit with me and mean so much more to me than reading a history book.
I hope you know more about the motivation behind my research now.


2 responses to “Why Graveyards?

  1. Sounds fab Helen. Have you visited Highgate Cemetery or the one in the middle of Paris? Or San Michele, Venice ? Fascinating places. 😉

    • Thanks Mand, I visited San Michele and I loved it, especially the angel statues. Highgate is on my to-do list this Christmas, Greyfriars is perfect at the moment though because its so nearby. I missed the one in Paris, but if anything its a good excuse to go back!
      H x

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