Subtle Skulls, a progression.

I dont think I want people to see my work and immdiately think about death. So I am going to have to be really subtle. I’m really going for the three-dimensional aspect of it, having every side of a piece touchable, wearable and part of the story. My little death pictures can hide in there and come out if someone discovers them. Most prominently I will be juxtaposing the world we see and walk through everyday, and the world beneath our feet. It just so happens that when we die, what remains of us will take its place under the feet of others. Skulls are so symbolic and have cropped up all over my research and I want them in my final work somewhere. So today I have been playing with the idea of the subtle skull.

There they are popping up in some drawings I did yesterday. Today, I had a go with the glass. Not quite so easy! I spent an hour this morning sculpting and pulling a huge cane with the image of skull inside it. Once it has been pulled you slice it up to reveal the image inside. I must have about 80 skull slices now, it was massive! The problem with slicing the cane at the end is you cant see the image as you are building it, so have to visualise it in your mind as you go. Anyway, here is what the slices look like:

The white glass is opalescent so I hope it will be a bit translucent when I apply it to a final bead. In the meantime I had a very quick go at applying a couple of the slices to different backgrounds. I will eventually have them deeper in a heavily encased bead I think, but I’m really impatient so gave it a shot on the surface of black anyway (its a bad photo, sorry):

I’m pleased with them for a first attempt, bearing in mind that bead is anything but subtle, at least its a start! I will try and place them under a thick layer of clear encasing next time.
So I’m off to read up on encasing, and ignore my dissertation until tomorrow!



One response to “Subtle Skulls, a progression.

  1. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say how much I like these murrini. It’s lovely to see something a bit more alternative.

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