Some Graveyard Glass and Notes on C.I.M. Adobe

Here is how my play with the graveyard and urns went yesterday. The photos aren’t great, sorry, the light in here is a bit rubbish. I will try and take some better ones to upload later. The first one has an inclusion of copper foil for the gravestone (thanks Trudi!) and using the copper in the bead has given me a head full of new ideas. I will get on the torch tomorrow morning but the rest of the week will be a bit more mixed media based, so I can see where I am taking the silver, copper, stone and steel ideas floating around in my head! Hopefully my gold leaf will have arrived tomorrow so I can have a play putting that in tomorrow morning’s lampwork. The second one, I was practicing my stringer work. I have a way to go, but as long as I put time aside to practise, hopefully my control will continue to improve.

I was also playing with C.I.M.’s new Limited Run glass, Adobe yesterday. I presume Limited Run means when it is gone, its gone so I thought it would be best to see if I should stock up! Its quite expensive at around £10 for a 1/4kg, and to me it bore a definite resemblance to Effetre’s Red Roof Tile. (Click to enlarge, I know its only a little photo!)

So, from left to right.
1 & 2: CIM Adobe spacers. Lovely smooth caramel colour without streaks. It pitted and bubbled in the flame, but you would have no idea by the look of the final beads. Adobe is definitely browner after working than it is in the rod, where it appears more of a brick red. It wasn’t shocky to work at all.
3: Adobe encased. I really like this, the colour is much lighter than in the rod and an almost peachy tone. It was stiff enough to encase quite easily.
4: Adobe partly rolled in silver leaf. It goes a deep rusty hue, almost sandstone like, and very organic. I would definitely like to play with this reaction more.
5: Adobe rolled in frit (Tobacco Road by Karen Baildon). This didnt photograph too well, but there are some gorgeous browns in the frit which are ‘buffered’ very nicely by the Adobe. I need to try it with more frits, especially neutral ones. It made a nice neutral unreactive base for this one.
6: Silvered Adobe Stringer over CIM’s Dirty Martini. I love this effect! its like spreading rust the more you heat it, a lovely deep, rich red/brown. A dark brown reaction line formed around it.
7 & 8: These two are Effetre’s Red Roof Tile, just to provide a contrast with the first two. Red Roof Tile is a lot more streaky, which coud be used to advantage, but the streaks give it a harsher orange/sometimes mustard colour.

I think I am sold to the smooth caramel of Adobe, shame this is only a limited run. Best stock up before it sells out!



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