More Spain and a brainwave.

I took a lot of photos of the gorgeous mosaics in Park Guell when in Barcelona. These are my absolute favourites, and the colours are very inspiring for some glass beadmaking.

Now for the brainwave! A lovely lady called Trudi, who does glass work sent me some gorgeous little leaves made from copper foil to use in my beads. She actually wrote a tutorial on using them in this month’s Beads and Beyond. Anyway, I had a play and although the bead cracked a little, I’m really pleased with it and think I could use the copper to my advantage. I’m thinking copper gravestones and brickwork (remember the Greyfriars project?). Definitely something to have a play with next week (or once I get my hands on more copper foil). In the meantime, here is the one I made earlier.

Almost forgot, if you would like to see some of Trudi’s work, her website is here.



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