The First Enamels (and some shockingly photographed beads…)

My First Enamels!

Very quickly (have had a bit of a nightmare day!). These are my first enamel samples, I wanted to go for industrial looking opaque colours, so I’m really pleased. They are on copper, and the plan next week is to develop more of these and try out the sgraffito. I need to make some more industrial looking line-drawings this weekend to sgraffiti (?) on to the enamel colours. In the meantime, I have been doing more glass play, which I love. These beads are horribly photographed, but I’ll hopefully get some better ones with my own camera (which I cleverly left at college) on Monday. I made some more I’m dying to show off, but will just have to wait for camera…
All in all though a very glassy week 🙂 all going well, I should be able to go to Rachel Elliott’s open studio tomorrow to celebrate the first anniversary of its opening! So excited, and will hopefully make it along late afternoon. She is a glass artist based in Edinburgh, and this is her website. Hope you like it!
Round Beads :)


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