Sgraffito Enamel Research

After speaking to enamelist Stacey Bentley yesterday at Meet Your Maker, I was so inspired I went off to do some enamelling research. I came up with a technique I had read about a while ago, called Sgraffito, which means ‘scratched’. It is a technique commonly used in painting, but also in enamelling. I just love these bracelets by Angela Gerhard, which have their lines literally scratched onto them before the enamel is fired. I have a project she wrote for Art Jewelry lurking about somewhere, so I will have to have a look at it. It could be a good technique for me to get my line drawings imprinted on metal. I think I’ll do some enamel samples tomorrow morning to see which colours look opaque and industrial for my source project, and then in the afternoon, I’ll FINALLY get some torch time! I can’t wait! Have a nice evening,


One response to “Sgraffito Enamel Research

  1. Can’t wait to see!!!!

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