Ring Exchange done, new project announced

So the ring exchange went really well. I’m pleased with how my design went, Elspeth made it really well. Its on display in the corridor at the moment, but photos to follow later.
As a project, it really got me thinking about where I want to go with my jewellery, and I really enjoyed studying old town Edinburgh in my sketchbooks, especially the juxtaposition between old and new, and the history which has been hidden underground and pushed from peoples minds. On that basis, I think my focus may be quite narrative and illustrative. Line drawings are the way forward! I really liked that my final piece has something to say, and can be interpreted by whoever sees it. I’m going to have to get some pictures up now so you can understand what I mean!

Now, the next thing, our new project. We have to research a jewellery artist, assigned to us by our tutors. This artist is given to us on the basis of similar ideas we might have running through our work in a bid to help us explore our own ideas further, or at least inspire us a bit. Well, I LOVE the artist I have been given. Her name is Barbara Christie, and though I had never heard of her until yesterday morning I’m finding her work hugely inspirational already. Here is her website: http://www.barbarachristie.com
I love the narrative quality of her work, and the almost Oriental images, especially in her brooches. The really predominant use of stones is amazing too, and something i had never really thought about much. I’ll have to consider it now!
The image at the top is my absolute favourite (for now anyway)
Sketchbook time!


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